Ayt peeps this is a fashion blog, Ima keep ya’l posted on all that is - *FASHION* Its trends, different styles and Ima have a weekly model feature and style icon. Now kids, What is fashion? Fashion is a lifestyle, a practice, it a prevailing mode of expression. It is an indivisual’s combination of clothes, footwear and accessories to form a certain style. Fashion is what makes us stand out or fit in and it is often unique people who stand out, they usually don’t follow trends but have a certain style that usually appeals to masses. Now that we got the definition of fashion out the way, lined up - how to put together an outfit and of course the model of the week (I see ya’l fellaz) and our style icon. Stay glued*

coming soon…

Research is done, polishing it up so it will be published soon. I have great things lined up, I’m not going to reveal what they are but its going to be awsome!